Reise Planung -- Monatliche Wetter Übersicht

Average temperature per month Average days with precipitation per month

Temperature and Precipitation per month
  Temperature Precipitation kg/m²
Months Normal Warmest Coldest Normal
January 9.9°C 14.9°C 6.0°C 10
February 10.3°C 15.2°C 6.2°C 10
March 12.7°C 17.9°C 8.0°C 7
April 16.1°C 21.2°C 11.1°C 5
May 20.3°C 25.3°C 14.7°C 3
June 25.0°C 30.4°C 19.2°C 1
July 28.1°C 33.8°C 22.2°C 1
August 27.7°C 33.6°C 22.0°C 0
September 24.5°C 30.9°C 19.0°C 1
October 19.7°C 26.2°C 14.8°C 4
November 14.8°C 20.9°C 10.6°C 6
December 11.4°C 16.5°C 7.5°C 10

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